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Insurance, Made Simple

Welcome to "Your Insurance Starter Kit", an essential resource designed to provide newcomers with a foundational understanding of the insurance landscape. Curated with expertise and clarity, this free toolkit will simplify your journey into the world of insurance.

The course breaks down pivotal concepts, ensuring learners grasp the fundamentals. With "Insurance 101", delve into the core principles that define the industry. Modules like "Understanding MRC" and "Insurance Glossaries" simplify complex terms, ensuring you're never lost in industry-specific jargon. For those eager to expand their horizons, the course demystifies "Insurance Networking Groups", offers insights into "CII Resources", and even introduces "Helpful Podcasts", ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Drawing from Samantha Ridgewell's experience as the Founder and Managing Director of Empower Development, this course is tailored to guide you through the intricacies of the insurance sector. Samantha's commitment to making insurance knowledge accessible has been a guiding light in shaping the course content. Podcasts in the "Behind the Scenes at Empower Development" section showcases Samantha as both interviewer and interviewee, offering an enlightening insight into Empower Development. This behind-the-scenes look also introduces you to two of Empower Development's highly skilled trainers, Emma Ackers and Tosin Falope.

Step into the world of insurance with confidence. "Your Insurance Starter Kit" is here to guide, inform, and inspire.

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