At Empower Development we strive to help insurance professionals develop in their careers and that support starts right from the beginning, helping you secure your first insurance role.

Applying for insurance jobs can get confusing, there are many technical roles which you may not have heard of and lot's of jargon to work through in order to identify the roles that will be suited to you. We are here to help with our free support to increase your knowledge of insurance, identify roles you want to apply for and stand out in the recruitment process.

Once you complete our free course you will receive a certificate and we encourage you to include it on your CV to demonstrate your industry knowledge and your proactive approach towards your job search.

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Insurance Essentials for Student Job Seekers

A online course to help you secure your first insurance job!

You're thinking about a career insurance, or maybe you have an interview coming up and you would like to feel more prepared?

Either way, if you are a student seeking your first insurance job then we have your back!

Sign up to this free course, complete the content and download your certificate to not only increase your knowledge but also demonstrate your proactive attitude to potential employer!

Samantha Ridgewell & Grace Maxted

Hi, we're Sam and Grace and we specialise in training insurance professionals

We've held hundreds of students through their insurance job search and we'd love to help you too!

We both hold our ACII and have over 25 years combined experience training insurance students through their exams.

We love to hear about your successes so please get in touch when you find that first role and check out our tips on TikTok @empower.development